People and Organizations in search for the Amber Room

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Paul Enke Author "Bernsteinzimmer-Report"
Hans Seuffert Leader of Stasi-Search under Enke
Günter Wermusch Author and lecturer of Enke
Georg Stein Historian from Stelle near Hamburg
Baron Eduard von Falz-Fein Supported Steins Search
Lost Art of Europe Club, which existed a short time
K.A.K.T.U.S. e. V. works in Thuringia and Saxony
Hans Stadelmann searched the Gauzentrum Weimar
Wolfgang Schneider Author of "Die Neue Spur des BZ"
Dietmar Reimann Private detektive and autor
Helmut Gänsel Search in Tschech Republik
Phillip Maurice Remy TV Producer
Gerhard Remdt Author of "Rätsel Jonastal"
Kurt Haensel/tr> Historian from Erfurt/Thuringia
Reinhold Ostler Author, believed in Castle Fischhorn
Hans Jürgen Frank followed hints of a relative
and of course the
Amber Room Organisation  

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